About Us – Aga Mixed Farm Agricultural Advisory Service
Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to bring agricultural extension services closer to the people

Aga mixed farm advisory services is a community based organisation dedicated in bringing extension services closer to the people from diverse parts of the world. Our professional team is comprised of experts from agriculture and beyond to attend to people’s questions. It is a subsidiary of Aga Mixed Farm also a model farm in Uganda with a vision of enabling sustainable agriculture for a global food security.

About us

Award winning team of professional agriculturalists, IT specialists & veterinary doctors. We have vast experience of both small and large scale projects.

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Our Specialty

Poultry breeding

We train and promote improved breeds of chicken for higher profitability and bigger return on investment


Quality of breed above everything is what we have here at Aga mixed farm. Training on how to perform profitable piggery is our specialty.


When we say coffee, we mean whole lots of the sector. We are engaged in all parts of the production chain right from seedling to FAQ

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Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible designs.

James Masembe


Vicent Kimbugwe


Ibrahim K

IT specialist

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The Team

Our creative team

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Mike Stuart

Head of Sales , Intel

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