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Tomato Varieties Grown In Nigeria

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Nigeria is ranked as one of the largest tomato producing countries in the world and referencing it makes a lot of sense in that Their varieties have a wide acceptance.

Types of tomatoes grown in Nigeria

There are several varieties of tomatoes grown in Nigeria. They are quite numerous in types. It is always advisable to make sure that you choose tomatoes plants based on your requirements or needs and/or preferences.

The type of soil and the region can determine the productivity of commercial tomatoes production, that is why you are permitted to experiment with your choice of tomatoes varieties before you commence your tomatoes production business. (

Beefsteak Tomatoes

One of the varieties and types of tomatoes grown in Nigeria is called beefsteak tomatoes. The tomatoes are also known as beef tomatoes, and you can differentiate them by their large varieties, and sizes.
The beefsteak tomatoes crops weighed 500g and some of them even weighed more than the grams mentioned in this article.
Moreso, the colors of these varieties and types of tomatoes are pink, some are red. These varieties and types of tomatoes can be identified through their pronounced ribbing.

Varieties of Beefsteak Tomatoes

  • Brandywine.
  • Beefmaster.
  • Cherokee Purple.
  • Mortgage Lifter.
  • Bucking Bronco.
  • Pink Beefsteak.

These listed here are to mention just a few.
Note: These are varieties and their names may differ from the trading names according to their manufacturers

Cherry Tomatoes

This is another variety and type of tomatoes grown in Nigeria. You can differentiate them by their sizes. Cherry tomatoes varieties and types are small in size and they also have a rounded form.
Cherry tomatoes varieties and types, in fact, range in size from a cherry size to a golf ball size. The shape of Cherry tomatoes are spherical, while some are slightly oblong in their shapes.

Cherry tomatoes are usually red, and besides red colour, they are also yellow, and green and some black varieties and types do exist too.
Another important thing to note about cherry tomatoes is that those that are more oblong normally share some features and characteristics of plum tomatoes, and these particular varieties are commonly called grape tomatoes.

Common Varieties of Cherry Tomatoes

  • Super Sweet 100.
  • Yellow Pear.
  • Italian Ice.
  • Bloody Butcher.
  • Black Pearl.
  • Sun Gold.
  • Honeybunch Cherry.
  • Cherries Jubilee.

Grape Tomatoes

This is another common varieties and types of tomatoes grown in Nigeria. Grape tomatoes have their features and characteristics that can help you identity them.

Grape tomatoes’ shapes are similar to those of oval plum tomatoes, but the only difference is that varieties and types of grape tomatoes have the size of cherry tomatoes, which is small and also the sweetness of the varieties of cherry tomatoes. Grape tomatoes produce are rather small, while some are long in size.

Plum Tomatoes

These varieties and types of tomatoes, Plum tomatoes are those varieties of tomatoes grown mostly to be used for sauce and also for packing purposes.
Plum tomatoes are generally oval-shaped and also cylindrical. Varieties and types of plum tomatoes can be identified by its seed compartments, which is significantly fewer than other standard round varieties of tomatoes.
The content of plum tomatoes is generally higher solid content, that is why plum tomatoes are rather preferred and good for processing.

Campari Tomatoes

This is exactly another variety and type of tomatoes grown in Nigeria. They have too much juice in them. Campari tomatoes are varieties and types of tomatoes known for their juiciness. Campari tomatoes are of low acidity, but with higher sugar levels.
They lack mealiness. Campari tomatoes, though they are deep red, just like cherry tomatoes, they are larger than cherry tomatoes. And again, Campari tomatoes are smaller than plum tomatoes and also rounder than varieties of plum tomatoes. Campari tomatoes are in most cases, sold on vines. Varieties and types of Campari tomatoes include;

  • Magic Mountain.
  • Cornell M.

Patio Tomatoes

The characteristics of varieties of patio tomatoes are unique, and they can be identified by their hybrids nature. Patio tomatoes are hybrids and are excellent for containers and are also excellent for small gardens.
These varieties and types of tomatoes crops are tasty tomatoes growing on strong, and compact plants that are grown about 2 feet to 2.5 feet tall.
Although the plants will not necessarily need support, however, the weight of the tomatoes can be too weighty and heavy for that plant, particularly if it is being exposed to the wind. When maturing for harvest, one single small plant can produce over fifty tomatoes.

Branfywine Tomatoes

This is another variety and type of tomatoes grown in Nigeria. Brandywine tomatoes are popular, and they are one of those commonly known varieties of tomatoes.
Brandywine varieties and types of tomatoes are strong and also large tomatoes crops, which normally need better and good cage or sometimes, they take several stakes per plant.
Brandywine varieties and types of tomatoes are one of those sets of tomatoes that can be kept in control and also prune regularly. Brandywine varieties of tomatoes are among the best tomatoes varieties that taste well.

Black and purple, and yellow among other tomatoes are considered to be great decoration tomatoes crops. These are varieties, which yielded very tasty, and they are tomatoes crops that are good for every use, unlike other regular varieties of tomatoes crops.


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