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Tips on Growing Tomatoes

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Here are the best 4 tips to better tomato farming

Tip 1: Don’t Crowd the Seedlings

When close together, growth is inhibited and eventually leads to low yield. Many farmers crowd the plants aiming to increase production only get bring losses.

Tip 2: Grow Vertically Rather than Horizontally

Growing vertically increases production as the crop can grow up to 10 meters when vertical. Horizontal planting will use up more space and being close to the ground increases the chances of fungus and pathogen attacks.

Tip 3: Prune for Better Tomato Farming

Remove suckers that grow on the joint between two brunches. These suckers will never bear fruit but only take away energy from the plant. This can also be done on the other parts of the plant but be cautious not to remove productive parts.

Tip 4: Remove Leaves

As the plant begins to mature, the lower leaves will naturally begin to yellow and wilt. This is perfectly normal, so pull these from the plant when they appear. It will keep the plant fresh, looking good, and help ward off disease.

Source: Tomato farming by Timothy Angwenyi

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