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How to get started

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This is Aga Mixed farm Agricultural Advisory Services

This service was made with support from Aga Mixed farm a model farm in Uganda with a vision of improved agricultural involvement for all for global growth and food sustainability.
Why we do what we do?

  • To provide the basic knowledge of starting and operating agribusinesses.
  • To provide answers to possible questions raised by those interested in agriculture.
  • To provide the basis of research notes to students and researchers in the agricultural field.

How to find answers on Aga Mixed Farm Agricultural Advisory Services?

Type your question in the search area then hit enter or click the search button.

If you get no results.

Try out the options below;

  1. Got to the community area and type the keyword of your search and press enter.
  2. Login or register to the site and type in your question and someone from the community will answer or the modulator will try to find you the related article.
  3. Click the magnify icon at the main menu area to search the entire site including blogs section.
  4. Click on the chat balloon at the bottom of the page to as our support.

NB: A keyword is a word that is the basis of the entire statement. Example, the keywords in how to grow tomatoes are “grow” and “tomatoes”

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